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André Ferraz da Costa

André Ferraz da Costa

André Ferraz is one of the most renowned Brazilian Aromatherapists, with 12500+ students in 26 countries spanning all continents. He is the founder of iQuilibre, an educational platform about Aromatherapy, and co-founder of, an essential oil brand. He has one of the biggest Youtube channel about Aromatherapy, with more than 14 millions views and 334k subscribers, an Instagram page with 227k followers and roughly 40,000 monthly readers in email newsletter. André works in the expansion of the scientific and holistic approach of essential oils. André is specialized in essential oils chemistry, esthetic aromatherapy, psycho-aromatherapy, vibrational and quantum aromatherapy. André's mother, Vany Ferraz, earned her Ph.D in chromatography analysis in Belgium in early 90's (when André was a little child) and in the last 30 years became the leading authority in the analysis of essential oils in Brazil, having analyzed thousands of essential oil samples from more than 250 different plants around the world. His dream is to have an Aromatherapist in every home, so that people can have more autonomy in their health.

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