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Deby Atterby

Deby Atterby

Deby Atterby is an active Aromatherapy educator and clinical practitioner with over 30 years experience. In 2008, she became editor/publisher of “Aromatherapy Today International Journal,” which provides continuing education in aromatherapy. Deby provides an in-depth profile of an Essential Oil in each volume. Deby instigated the first 2 day Aromatica Australia conference in 2015, which was well attended by therapists locally and internationally. As a result Deby continues to host the conference bi-annually, the next one is in 2023. More recently, Deby has been recognised as an expert in Australian native essential oils and has many case studies to demonstrate their efficacy and benefits in a clinical environment and, along with her colleague, educates predominantly in the use of Australian Essential oils. She has since written a book on Australian Essential Oils, which was released during the 2021 virtual Aromatica conference and is being sold worldwide, available on

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