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Helen Ding

Helen Ding

"I am always amazed and curious about natural healing and the intricate love-hate relationship between human and mother earth. Chanced upon an Aromatherapy course by NILA Institute Singapore and received formal training in 2020. Received officially certification as a Professional Aromatherapist by NAHA Level 2 and IFPA in Nov 2021.  

The course is like a sneak preview of this exciting and profoundly meaningful journey that open up my mind and heart and a no turning back for me. I have since taken additional specialized masterclasses, courses and educational conferences to continue to build up my knowledge from Internationally renowned experts like Jonathan Benavides, Angelika Klotz, Jade Stutes and Ann Harman. Currently I'm a student again and studying for Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation and Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques to complement my learning in Aromatherapy.  

Since the beginning, I have remained steadfastly dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge with others by actively participate in giving talks in corporate organisations, university, public educations and workshops in aromatherapy. In addition to my background in aromatherapy, my formal training as a certified facilitator and counsellor has definitely enhance my confident in delivering and sharing about Aromatherapy.  

My dream and passion are to introduce Aromatherapy into local mainstream medical setting like Hospices. Since 2017 I have been a volunteer in Assis Hospice and working with the very sick and the dying. Look forward for the day when Aromatherapy is being introduce to support pain management, giving quality life and peace to those in need."

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