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Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center

Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center

About Endobiogenic Treatment

Your body is unique for its strengths, weaknesses, and ability to overcome disease. This is why you need a personalized approach to wellness. Your health is determined by balance – balance among nerves, hormones, and organ systems. This balance is affected by genetics, lifestyle, emotional state, and environment. Imbalances give rise to diseases that can be difficult to explain, much less treat.

Endobiogeny is an innovative approach to wellness that identifies the imbalances that are causing your suffering. It focuses on the cause of disease, not just symptoms. It explains why repeated stresses to the body or mind can lead to illness and why emotions have such a powerful impact on health. It also helps us understand why certain people are prone to develop certain diseases. Because everyone is unique, Endobiogeny is designed to treat each patient as an individual.

In person and Telehealth appointments available

An endobiogenic evaluation utilizes the following:

1. A detailed health history questionnaire that helps identify inherent weaknesses as well as environmental and social factors that affect your health.

2. Biology of Functions analysis: an intricate, computerized analysis of labwork that identifies imbalances in the nervous and hormonal systems. It also detects risks for future illness.

3. A detailed 30 point physical exam: this comprehensive exam performed by a specially trained physician will reveal the subtle and overt physical manifestations of your hormonal function (preliminary remote evaluations are also available).

Personalized Treatment

After extensive analysis, a personalized treatment plan will be developed. Treatments typically consist of herbs, essential oils, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. We acknowledge that traditional medicines are sometimes necessary, but in our experience, many patients drastically decrease or completely stop their prescription medicines after endobiogenic treatment.
We know that you only have one body, and our mission is to enable you to attain all the energy, happiness, and vitality of which your body is capable.

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