Beyond Aromatics

Conference Speakers - Live in Salt Lake City, Utah

Jessica Iclisoy

Fireside chat discussing aromatherapy business building.

Dr. Elizabeth Ko & Ana Baldioli

UCLA's Inpatient Use of Essential Oils 

with Dr. Elizabeth Ko and Ana Baldioli

Presentation will include information about how aromatherapy is used in the inpatient setting at UCLA Health System while patients are hospitalized. Aromatherapy can be used by nursing staff and also by staff within the Integrative Medicine department (massage therapist, music therapist, integrative therapist). The essential oils that are approved for UCLA at UCLA Health are lavender, lemon, and peppermint. Oils are used for inhalation only, not topically due to risk of irritation.

Annette Davis

Formulating with Essential Oils

with Annette Davis 

While essential oils are exceptional ingredients to include in all types of personal care products and dietary supplements, their unique chemistry presents many formulating challenges. Without the necessary expertise, well-intentioned essential oil blends can cause personal care products to separate or irritate and sensitize the skin. Well-meaning oral preparations can cause GI irritation or even toxicity. This presentation will review the rationale behind including essential oils in various formulations. It will also draw on over thirty years of Annette’s formulating experience offering valuable tips to help avoid aromatherapy compounding disasters.   

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Phyto-Aromatherapy to Balance Circadian Rhythm & Dysautonomia Imbalances

with Jennifer H. Pressimone

There is a strong connection between circadian rhythm imbalances & dysautonomia proving to be a catalyst & contributor to the growing number of health challenges. It is not uncommon to hear someone complain about lack of sleep, low energy, and high stress on a daily basis. These deficiencies not only tax the nervous system, but when continual, they also affect gut, brain and glandular functions, which are responsible for healthy, happy neurotransmissions, hormones & metabolism.  This presentation will focus on a deeper understanding of the circadian rhythm processes and dysautonomia, and how they are interconnected when it comes to certain cognitive & mental health concerns such as confusion, problem-solving ability, abandonment, anger, anxiety, fear, grief & depression. We will also discuss strategic phyto-aromatherapy solutions including essential oils, herbs & flower essences to bring them back into harmony in conjunction with Emotional Code clearing techniques to balance the rhythm systems, improve mood, emotions, behaviors, and responses.

Sharon Falsetto

Garden Therapeutics for Eco-grief and Eco-anxiety 

with Sharon Falsetto Chapman


Subtitle: This presentation looks at how to use scent and herbs more sustainably in a garden setting to manage the effects of climate change on a personal level and provide solutions to problems.

Description: We all have a role to play in making sure that our beloved aromatic treasures are around for future generations, no matter where we live and how we use them. In this presentation, we will discuss eco-grief and eco-anxiety – a growing dis-ease – and how it relates to your practice as an aromatherapist, herbalist, gardener, and/or your own self-care practice. We will discuss tools and actions which you can use to provide solutions to problems. These actions can be implemented at home, in your business, and in your use of aromatic plants and products. You might be surprised to learn how simple some of these things are!

Here are some of the questions we will attempt to look at:

• Do I feel overwhelmed and disconnected from the natural world, even though I am an aromatherapist? Why does this matter?

• How do my actions as a consumer impact future generations of aromatherapists?

• What’s the role between an aromatherapist and the environment?

• What’s the best way (for the environment) to use certain plants?

• Does one type of plant extract impact the environment more?

• Do I know how weather patterns affect plants and pollinators in my garden? Is this changing?

• Does scent really differ from region to region, plant to plant, extract to extract? How do I choose what’s best?

• Do I have a relationship with the plant that I use as an extract? Why does this even matter and what does that look like?

You CAN be part of the solution to a brighter, aromatic future. Join me and let’s take this walk in the garden together to open the discussion around eco-therapy for aromatherapists, herbalists, phyto-therapists and the curious alike.

Hana Tisserand

Legacy Myths and the Importance of Being Current

with Hana Tisserand

In the world where essential oils are used as tools by many different professions, the role of aromatherapists as experts is only growing in importance, and so is our responsibility to make sure the knowledge we share is relevant and current. How do we make sure that our information is up to date? What are legacy myths and how do you avoid falling for them? And what are the best strategies to keep up with the ever-growing body of research?

Amanda Plunkett

At Risk Medicinal Plants and Their Pollinators

with Amanda Plunkett

To secure the inheritance of medicinal plants for future generations, sustainability and protection of herbal allies is essential. Many plants have specialized pollinators required for reproduction. The intricate relationships between these plants and their pollinators must be carefully researched and guarded. This presentation will highlight various at-risk medicinal plants and their corresponding pollinators. We will explore the aromatics behind the relationships and habitat conservation methods to protect both plants and pollinators.

Jessie Hawkins

Clary Sage During Pregnancy: Following the Science

with Jesse Hawkins

Clary sage essential is widely recognized as a calming oil that benefits women's health, especially during the childbearing years. It has long been used to stimulate labor contractions, based on anecdotal reports which range from mild to extreme. The spectrum of claims regarding its effects include mild oxytocin stimulation to support a prolonged labor to the other extreme cautioning against any exposure during pregnancy with warnings it is capable of inducing preterm labor. With such dramatic differences in recommendations and no clear scientific guidelines to follow, it’s no wonder that pregnant clients and even professionals are confused about conflicting safety recommendations. Through a NAHA-supported clinical trial, the Franklin Health team tackled this complex issue through a prospective randomized controlled clinical trial of clary sage during pregnancy. In this session, Dr. Hawkins guides you through the methodological approach taken in this investigation and reveals the first evidence-based guidance for the use of clary sage during pregnancy.

Valerie Cooksley

Geo-Origin Blending – Learning the Aromatic Landscape of Your Ancestral Roots

with Valerie Cooksley

A new method of evolutionary aromatherapy blending, expanding the boundary of traditional aromatherapy by embracing multiple influences including: the living language of plants, geographical landscape and local flora, vitalist and indigenous aromatherapy, and cultural significance and heritage, are just a few areas taken into consideration to create a custom-blending model connecting one to their inner nature and unique genetic characteristics. A personal example will be discussed as well as how the methodology came to realization.

Kelly Ablard and Adler Pacaya Paredes

 Preserving medicinal and aromatic plants: an Indigenous perspective

with Dr. Kelly Ablard and Adler Pacaya Paredes

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity and our essential oil and carrier-bearing plants is the various environmental impacts brought about by climate change. Only recently is it understood that to meet these challenges we must first look globally to Indigenous peoples and their traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) for answers. Not only are Indigenous peoples and their TEKs inextricably linked to the survival of fragile plants impacted by climate change, but their land is unique in that it oftentimes represents some of the only biodiverse-rich land left on Earth. As consumers of essential oils and carriers sourced from fragile plants rooted in and protected by Indigenous communities, those Indigenous communities are likely to go unnoticed. In this talk, co-presented by Shipibo-Conibo, Adler Pacaya Paredes of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and Dr. Kelly Ablard, you will get a glimpse into the life of an Indigenous community who rely heavily on fragile oil-bearing plants in their daily lives; gain a deeper understanding of the importance of their role in helping to combat a fiercely changing world for all of us; and you will travel to the heart of the Amazon where you will connect with aromatics outside of a bottle.



Preservar las plantas medicinales y aromáticas: una perspectiva indígena

Presentado por Adler Pacaya Paredes y la Dra. Kelly Ablard


Uno de los mayores desafíos que enfrenta la humanidad y nuestros aceites esenciales y plantas portadoras son los diversos impactos ambientales provocados por el cambio climático. Solo recientemente se entiende que para enfrentar estos desafíos primero debemos mirar globalmente a los pueblos indígenas y sus conocimientos ecológicos tradicionales (TEK) en busca de respuestas. Los pueblos indígenas y sus TEK no solo están inextricablemente vinculados a la supervivencia de estas plantas, sino que su tierra es única en el sentido de que es una de las únicas tierras ricas en biodiversidad que quedan en esta Tierra. Como consumidores de aceites esenciales y portadores, es probable que las comunidades indígenas que están ayudando a proteger estas plantas pasen desapercibidas. En esta charla, co-presentada por Shipibo-Conibo, Adler Pacaya Paredes de la selva amazónica peruana y el Dr. Kelly Ablard, usted podrá echar un vistazo a la vida de una comunidad indígena que depende en gran medida de plantas esenciales y portadores de aceite en su vida diaria; obtendrá una comprensión más profunda de la importancia de su papel para ayudar a combatir un mundo ferozmente cambiante para todos nosotros; y viajará al corazón de la selva amazónica peruana. el Amazonas donde te conectarás con aromáticos fuera de una botella.

Ana Baldioli (Co-Presentation with Dr. Elizabeth Ko)

UCLA's Inpatient Use of Essential Oils 

with Dr. Elizabeth Ko and Ana Baldioli

Presentation will include information about how aromatherapy is used in the inpatient setting at UCLA Health System while patients are hospitalized. Aromatherapy can be used by nursing staff and also by staff within the Integrative Medicine department (massage therapist, music therapist, integrative therapist). The essential oils that are approved for UCLA at UCLA Health are lavender, lemon, and peppermint. Oils are used for inhalation only, not topically due to risk of irritation.

Claudia Vaz


with Claudia Vaz

The incredible biodiversity of Brazil has resulted in the country being endowed with more than 46.000 native plant species, many of which are aromatic and medicinal. This wealth of medicinal and therapeutic potential is still only seldom known on a national and international scale due to the fact that many of these plants are still considered exotic and are restricted to local consumption. These are the so-called Unconventional Aromatic Plants. This presentation will explore carrier and essential oils from unique plants that grow in each of Brazil's six biomes, the traditional indigenous practices and sustainable actions that are used by producers and local people.

Jean Marie Bokelmann, M.D.

Beyond Covid: Restoring wellness through Phyto Aromatherapy

with Jean Bokelmann

As we move through and beyond the Covid pandemic we continue to encounter the lingering effects of the virus. This presentation will explore Long Covid, the symptoms, the possible etiologies, and its similarities to other causes of chronic fatigue. It will propose applications of medicinal herbs and essential oils as they target the underlying etiologies of long Covid and related conditions.

Dr. DorothyBelle Poli

Evolutionary Development of Essential Oils in All Plants

with Dr. DorothyBelle Poli

Understanding evolutionary biology may seem like a strange idea for an aromatherapist, yet this talk will help you do just that. Plants have a beautiful history that showcases how they came to make essential oil components and why. Learn about the intimate development of secondary compounds and their links to interactions with other plants, insects, and animals. In addition, you will develop a better understanding about how modifications to cells were crucial for these components to eventually develop a larger set of uses for the plant. Finally, the connections between these plants and humans will be explored showcasing the importance of how humans impact plants. Please join us to unlock the magical world of plant history and science.

Salvatore Battaglia

 Can the biophilia hypothesis provide new pathways for understanding the role of aromatherapy in supporting mental health?

Dr. Timothy Miller

Being YOU in Business

with Dr. Timothy Miller

Navigating the world of business isn't always easy, especially if you're trying to be someone you're not. We're often taught that business has to be a certain way, that business people have to be a certain way. What if things could be different? What if you could allow your natural gifts and personality to shine through in the work that you do? To embrace yourself rather than try to fit some mold and to play to your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Get ready to see business in a different way. And to find a style of business that is in greater alignment with who you are as a person.

Jonathan Benavides

Using The HEARTS Process:

Aromatic support for emotional pain and mental distress

with Jonathan Benavides

HEARTS is an acronym that stands for Hands-on, Empathy, Aroma, Relax, Texture and Sound and it is therapeutically offered drawing on a range of natural skills and different sensorial experiences with the aim to be used in all kinds of clinical settings and in private practices and home care as well.

In this so-called Post-COVID era we are living in, we have seen in clinical practice an exacerbation of anxiety, emotional pain and mental distress in people of all ages, especially children and adolescents. 

This presentation will show how using appropriate aromatic support in combination with HEARTS we can experience an effective non-pharmacological intervention that provide comfort and solace in emotional pain, agitation, anxiety and mental distress. Feedback from patients after an aromatic HEARTS intervention, have showed a positive result expressed in a calm mind state, a deep relaxation feeling that reduced in them anxiety and fear, and, they felt more relieved from the pain they experienced as a burden on their daily lives. 

Digital Conference Speakers

Shanti Dechen

Enhancing Your Clinical Aromatherapy Observation Skills

with Shanti Dechen

Learn how to observe your case study client's beyond the health history form using additional visual, auditory, and kinesthetic clues. These observations can lead you to a deeper understanding of your client's needs. Connect on a deeper level when blending using your intuitive knowledge of plant allies, carrier oil combinations, and different aromatherapy applications to suit your client's needs. As you assist in connecting their bodymind and anchoring, the experience will significantly enhance the results of an aromatherapy blend.

Gabriel Mojay and Autumn Summers

"You Say Tomato �� and I Say Tomato" – Let's Call the Whole Thing a Herb Walk! ~

with Professor Pigtail and the Botanical Bard, A.K.A. Autumn Summers (US) and Gabriel Mojay (UK)

Join Gabriel and Autumn for a fun and fascinating botanical tour of the essential oil-bearing plants and flowers of the California School of Herbal Studies' herb garden. Founded over 30 years by Rosemary Gladstar and located in Sonoma County, California, the school is adorned with a garden which lies by soaring redwood trees and a beautiful red barn that makes up part of the school. The Anglo-American duet will be taking delegates on a light-hearted journey to identify, smell, taste, discuss and otherwise wax lyrical about the garden's aromatic citizens— whether it's the uses you can put them to as either herb or essential oil, or the mysteries of their symbolism as Gabriel encapsulates in his Scented Plant Sonnets. Some exciting therapeutic research will be shared to boot! ...Come and partake of the tips and tales that celebrate fragrant Nature in all its forms, not to mention this stunning scholastic Forestville garden.

Raghda Abdelmaksoud

Exploring African Botanical & Ethnicity

with Raghda Abdelmaksoud

In this presentation we will take a journey to learn about Africa the beautiful massive content, a rich and diverse culture, we will explore the Aromatics and ethnicities  in the African zones of  Northern Africa, Central Africa , Southern Africa, East Africa, and Western Africa. 

North : Egypt - Morocco – Tunisia  

Central : Cameron – Congo  

East : Kenya – Tanzania  

West : Senegal – Ghana  

South: Namibia – South Africa  

We will also explore the Traditional Medicine practices in some parts  of Africa which was inherited from generation to generation,  how Traditional healers have been prescribing  herbal and medicinal plants for many local rural and urban communities in many parts of rural Africa. 

The World Health Organization and the United Nations  Initiatives for improving the resources and quality of the traditional medicine and finally the impact of the climate change, sustainability project and the challenge of conservation.  

Kelly Holland Azzaro

Animal Aromatherapy; Exploring the Use of Botanical Energetics for Highly Sensitive Beings

with Kelly Holland Azzaro

This presentation will explore the use of aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals and their energetics for emotional balance and support for you and your animal friends. Energy is all around and within us and our animal friends. Learn more about how our animal friends communicate through their senses and how the energy within our environment may affect our and their wellbeing.

Sharon van Staden

Clinical Aromatherapy for Dementia care

with Sharon van Staden

As an Aromatherapist and massage therapist I have seen first hand the beautiful effects of the use of essential oils with people who have Dementia. You can have a simple yet powerful practice to compliment your professional approach to care. I will present clinical evidence that supports the use of essential oils for Dementia and how they can be used safely and effectively alleviating agitation, pain and depression. I will also guide the carer in basic massage techniques for the application of essential oils. Touch should never be underestimated in care and a reassuring touch or therapeutic massage helps to communicate to the person that they are cared for when sometimes words are not enough.

Christine Gratton

The medicinal and energetic properties of Quebec conifers essential oils

with Christine Gratton

Appearing in the Mesozoic Era, 50 million years before the dinosaurs, the first aromatic plants on Earth were conifers. These majestic trees hold a message of strength, resistance and courage as they had to be brave to develop in such extreme conditions. They are amazing allies when we need to face adversity while remaining centered. During this conference, Christine will share her knowledge on the medicine of the conifers that shelter in the Canadian forests. Teaching on these aromatic trees, both physical and psycho-emotional, will be transmitted.

Katalin Kovács

Herbs and essential oils in the Carpathians, Transylvania

with Katalin Kovács

My presentation is a homage to all my ancestors and to the place I was born and raised: Transylvania. A beautiful region located in the Eastern part of the Carpathian basin, inhabited by szeklers among other minorities, now belonging to Romania, Eastern Europe. It has a unique culture, deep-rooted traditions, colourful history and it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. In my presentation Herbs and Essential oils in the Carpathians, Transylvania, I will be presenting some of the medicinal plants that are to be found in abundance , their use in everyday life and their meaning in our culture, through Hungarian folk songs. I will also point out the importance of human-nature relationship, as a foundation of our health and well-being.

Oraine Ramoo

Applying Bilateral Stimulation for Effective Therapeutic Outcomes

with Oraine Ramoo

Bi-lateral stimulation is the alternating activation of the right and left sides of the brain hemispheres which induces a feeling of calm. When paired with a positive resource such as a calm image, a pleasant event/memory or an essential oil - it is known as resource tapping. This resourcing allows for an inner strengthening of a positive application which can boost the effects of the desired outcome. This has a myriad of potential in helping aromatherapists achieve improved outcomes with our clients for pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and more. It adds to our toolbox not only as applied with essential oils, but in general well-being. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the history of bi-lateral stimulation, how it can be immediately practiced in a number of ways that are comfortable for self and clients, apply it's strengthening features with essential oils and offer a body-based technique that can be used across the lifespan.

Kayla Fioravanti

Growing an Aromatherapy Business

with Kayla Fioravanti

Kayla Fioravanti launched Essential Wholesale from her home kitchen and a $50 investment. She is your go-to-gal to find out all the secrets and pitfalls for Growing an Aromatherapy Business. She has navigated her way through bootstrapping a business on a tight budget to operating a multi-million dollar company. She lives for this stuff–so much so that when her noncompete ended from selling Essential Wholesale (for a lot more than the $50 initial investment) she launched another company, Ology Essentials, with her son and daughter-in-law. Kayla is an open book about her failures and successes. She will share the stumbling blocks, stepping stones, and how she turned both into multiple businesses that can pivot and adjust with the changing times. Many saw the incredible success, but Kayla will pull back the veil and talk about the major mistakes, lessons learned, and wisdom gained.

André Ferraz da Costa

The science behind psychoaromatherapy

with André Ferraz da Costa

How is it possible to control anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other mental and behavioral disorders through essential oils? What are the underlying mechanisms that allow essential oils to regulate neurotransmitters linked to these disorders? Where are located the olfactory chemical pathways that unlock our potential to live with joy and happiness? Many people still think that essential oils aren’t effective as synthetic drugs and psychotherapy, but astonishing scientific findings prove the contrary. In this lecture you will learn what are the secrets behind the science of psychoaromatherapy.

Deby Atterby

Working with Australian native essential oils in rhino infections

with Deby Atterby

I will be presenting on Australian Native Essential Oils, using them in the treatment of Rhino infections, by teaching how to formulate a product and use it within a treatment protocol, whilst covering all safety aspects of the treatment. Will also address the chemical structure of the individual essential oils by explaining how the essential oils are more than adequate in creating an anti-microbial effect and a mucolytic action. Lastly, I will demonstrate the treatment protocol.

Helen Ding

Palliative care with Aromatherapy

with Helen Ding

The role of Aromatherapy in Palliative care and how can aromatherapy provide great support to improve the quality of life for patients with serious illnesses by improving symptoms like pain, nausea or offering excellent mouth care as well as skin care.  

Presenting the challenges and the constant concern about the use of Aromatherapy and essential oils in a clinical setting in Singapore. Working together with the main stream medical system in Singapore hospice and help to build the confidence and appreciation of Aromatherapy. Understanding that Aromatherapy will not stand in the way of pharmaceuticals or medicine but complement them when performed by a well-trained practitioner and caregiver. Open up their willingness of taking the first step to trial to use Aromatherapy in Hospice as many believe that Aromatherapy therapeutic effects can potentially help patients to cope with their symptoms and help them to better cope with their daily basic needs. 

With Aromatherapy creating a pleasant atmosphere when saying final good-bye with the patient and closure for the family members to move on with the sense of feeling safe, secure and wonderful memories of the patient being in peace in their final journey. 

Monika Nuffer

Building an Aromatherapy Practice  At the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy

with Monika Nuffer

At the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, second- and third-year student pharmacists self-select and enroll in an Integrated Health and Medicine (IHM) elective course. This interactive course is focused on outlining the various core IHM domains, with emphasis on common vitamins and minerals, herbal products, mindful medicine and aromatherapy. It is intended to provide students with a solid foundation around IHM, consider various regulatory issues, and provide opportunities to develop problem solving, literature searching, communication, and interprofessional skills.   

One targeted activity within this elective is focused aromatherapy exercise. This begins with a two-hour introductory aromatherapy lecture that can be completed as a live interactive class or self-directed through recorded lecture capture online. Following this lecture, students are tasked with preparing one of five different aromatherapy delivery options of essential oils for skills applications for the course. Each student submits a written reflection describing their activity and oil(s) they used, the preparation process, the intended purpose of the oil formulation, challenges they experienced during the process and perceived benefits of the product.  A voluntary in-person blending session led by faculty (Dr. Nuffer) is offered for those students who may want to elevate their skills further in this interactive workshop. 

The principles of this class model can be applied widely to other audiences, including both medical professionals and the lay public. Interactive blending sessions are a fun way to engage with people, answer questions about aromatherapy, encourage interest and send participants home with a product they made themselves. The session will outline how this model could be used to attract new prospective clients, engage with existing clients, collaborate with other medical providers, or even promote the business in a new area. Suggestions and identifying potential pitfalls will be outlined to help audience members take home strategies on how to implement workshop(s) in their own communities. 

Jade Shutes

Trauma, Aromatics, and Somatics: The Intersection of the Senses for Trauma

with Jade Shutes

Throughout this talk we will explore how aromatics and somatics can be utilized as effective tools in the healing of trauma. Our first stop will be understanding the difference between acute and chronic stress versus trauma. We will then cover the potential impact of trauma on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and discover how essential oils can be used to build resiliency and support physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Frauke Galia

Smell Training for Smell Loss

with Frauke Galia

In this presentation, I will delve into the world of smell loss and how smell training can be an effective protocol for helping many to regain their ability to smell. I will review some key aspects of smell loss that are important to understand, as they set the foundation for knowing how smell training can best help. I will then go over the fundamentals of smell training, including what the goal is, who it’s best suited for, its effectiveness, when to begin, and how to do the training. Finally, I will address the holistic approach that’s important to take into consideration when helping someone with smell training. Luckily, as aromatherapists, we’re already naturally inclined to think holistically, which is a wonderful headstart that we have.

Madeleine Kerkhof

CO2s for Cancer Care 

with Madeleine Kerkhof

Nowadays cancer treatment is increasingly advanced. For many types of cancer the prospects of long term survival have improved significantly, although unfortunately not all patients have sufficient access to excellent care. Many patients will also look for other ways to complement their care alongside the standard care to help them cope with the side effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea, pain, and fatigue, to comfort themselves and ease the worries of cancer treatment and related stress, and they may feel that they are doing something more to help
with their own care. The Mayo Clinic recommends aromatherapy as one of the complementary therapies for support.

Fusion AromaTherapy™ is Madeleine Kerkhof’s approach in incorporating essential oils and CO2 extracts to ease side effects and symptoms, increase coping skills and offer wellbeing at all levels. In this presentation Madeleine will delve deeper in to this, explain how CO2 extracts can have excellent added value to conventional aromatherapy and will illustrate their benefits by science and compelling case studies.

María Concepción Ruiz Sánchez

Defense Mechanisms and Essential Oils

with María Concepción Ruiz Sánchez

Defense Mechanisms are a set of feelings and emotions, thought and belief patterns, and behaviors and actions that people use when their integrity is threatened by a real or perceived as an actual event. They protect us from negative feelings such as shame or guilt.  

Every person develops different strategies for physical and psychological self-preservation. Some of them are healthy ways of dealing with life and help us grow, such as a sublimation defense mechanism, but some are not so adaptative and can lead the person to suffer mental issues. Essential oils and their compounds can help us develop awareness and understanding and promote the use of more beneficial and healthy defense mechanisms to cope with the difficulties of everyday life.  

Pamela Ruiz

Aromatherapy in the Andean Cosmovision

with Pamela Ruiz

It is an energy therapy based on the Andean Cosmovision or worldview, and it uses the energy vibration of the essential oils to transmute negative emotions and thoughts, balance the chakras, break patterns, and build bridges towards the future.

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